Who is ISU-Alpha North East?

NE MapWe are an affiliate of the Nation’s second largest Insurance Network, ISU Insurance Agency Network. ISU Alpha Northeast, is a group of agencies which has its roots in NY and PA starting in 1984. 

Alpha, has been a successful partner of the companies it represents, because first and foremost when considering agents for membership, we look for good people. Integrity and professionalism are the cornerstones of our success. Our members are important in their respective communities as business leaders and as supporters of local causes. 

We look for the best agents in the communities in which our members are located. Agencies which consistently demonstrate profitable growth and retain their customers through personal and professional service have been the best candidates for Membership in our group.

Contact our Business Development Manager, Doreen DeCarlo via email or phone.

Phone: 716-291-8747

ISU Alpha NortheastIn 2021, Alpha Associates affiliated with ISU to take advantage of various synergies between our organizations that would leverage the ideals of independent agency ownership that we hold in common:

  • Each member retains 100% of ownership and decision making
  • Each member retains 100% of the commissions it earns
  • Each member retains 100% of the carrier appointments it has
  • Members retain their name, image and identity

So if we both do this, why combine forces?

  • ISU has the market clout of nearly $10 Billion in annual premium volume nationally
  • ISU & Alpha NorthEast share access to several of their core companies which are among the top National and Regional carriers
  • Alpha Northeast enhances the value to member agencies with access to very favorable local and regional contracts with carriers such as:
  • Adirondack Insurance Exchange
  • Allegany Insurance Group
  • Broome Co-Operative Insurance Company
  • Central Co-Operative Insurance Company
  • Chautauqua Patrons
  • Conemaugh Valley Mutual
  • Dryden Mutual Insurance Company
  • Erie & Niagara Insurance Association
  • Farmers & Mechanics Mutual
  • Finger Lakes Fire and Casualty
  • Genesee Patrons Co-Op
  • Leatherstocking
  • Lititz Mutual Insurance Company
  • Livingston Mutual Insurance Company
  • Merchants Insurance Group
  • Midstate Mutual Insurance Company
  • Millville Mutual Insurance Company
  • North Country Insurance Company
  • NY Central Mutual Insurance
  • Oswego County Mutual Insurance Company
  • Plymouth Rock Assurance
  • Preferred Mutual Insurance Company
  • Security Mutual Insurance Company
  • Selective Insurance Group
  • ShelterPoint Insurance Company
  • Sterling Mutual Insurance Company
  • Utica National
  • Wayne Co-Operative

The addition of these carriers spells greater opportunity for agencies who represent them to maximize the benefit of networking with other agencies, providing both underwriting clout and increased profit share.  

How is membership in ISU vs. ISU-Alpha North East different?

  • ISU Membership is typically limited to agencies which generate at least $1,500,000 in annual revenues. With nearly $10B in written premiums amongst just 220 agencies, across 37 states, you can see that the average member of ISU is considerably larger than the average agency in the US today.
  • ISU-Alpha NorthEast is a network of best in breed main street agencies. Many have been, and still remain family businesses. This hasn’t changed. To be eligible for membership, we have looked for agencies with $400,000 in revenues (at a minimum) who’s company representation, and business philosophies align well with ours. In addition, we seek commercially focused agencies that are profitably growing, and that will bring as much to the group as the group brings to them.
  • Together, ISU & Alpha NorthEast can leverage the favorable contracts with the national players that ISU holds, and likewise, leverage the favorable contracts with the regional and local companies that Alpha NorthEast holds.

How do I become a member of ISU-Alpha NE?

Contact us, and our Business Development Manager, Doreen DeCarlo will reach out to you, or give her a call today!